22.2V 6000mAh 35C Maximize

22.2V 6000mAh 35C

Giant Power 6S 6000Mah 35C

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Giant Power Dinogy 6S 6000Mah 35C High Performance Lipo battery LC-6S6000E

Why are Giant Power, one of the highest performing LIPO batteries on the market, so reasonably priced?

Radio Controlled Shop Ireland purchases Giant Power directly from the manufacturer in large quantities so we are able to pass on this discount to our customers.

Giant Powers lipo batteries are made to order ensuring fresh cells in each and every pack. They also ensure that each battery pack is cell balanced and that the internal resistance in each pack are closely matched.

  • Capacity: 6000Mah
  • Cells: 6S
  • Volts : 22.2V
  • Continuous discharge rate : 35C
  • Max discharge rate : 70C
  • Dimensions : 50x46x190mm
  • Weight : 963g
  • Max charge rate : 5C
  • Max charge amps : 30A
  • Now comes with EC5's

APPLICATION: Align T-Rex 550E and alike...

*Giant Power offer a 6 month warranty on their Lipo batteries from the time of purchase

Click here to see more on the warranty

Giant Power has been developing the most advanced lithium polymer technology to produce the best quality batteries at a very competitive price.

From the above discharge curve, you can find Giant Power (Red line) can still give out more than 2000mAh (90% capacity) after 45 times continuous high rate discharge at 38.5A, and the MPV (Middle point voltage) is 10.45V

While Hxxxxxxx (Green line) has a little lower MPV than Giant Power it lost 340mAh after 45 cycles and can only give out 1860mAh (84% capacity).

And with 45 cycles on the Txxxxxx Nxxx Txxx (Blue line) it degraded even worse with a MPV decrease of10.28V and the capacity dropped from 2200mAh to 1775mAh loosing 425mAh, it can only give out 80% capacity.


  • Higher Curve = Higher MPV (Middle Point Voltage) = Higher RPM
  • Longer Curve = Higher capacity = Longer life cycle.

Latest Results from 3DX Ukraine 2012

  • 1st Place 3DX - Eugeniy Dyakov, Moscow - GIANT POWER 65C
  • 3rd Place 3DX - Leonid Volkov, Moscow - GIANT POWER 65C
  • 1st Place F3C - Alexander Romanov, Kiev - GIANT POWER 50C
  • 3rd Place F3C - Alexey Vasilchenko, Chita - GIANT POWER 50C

Nikolay Goncharov #1 in Russia, official Kasama Team Pilot at 3D Masters 2011.

3DX Ukraine 2011 held on July 16-17th 2011

1st place - Dmitry Meluhanov, St Pitersburg, Russia.
Models: Align Trex 700N - Edge - YS91 - Tornado Fuel - Henseleit TDR -Scorpion 4530 - Kontronik Jive - GIANT POWER 4200-50C

2nd place - Anton Berezhnoy, Chernigov, Ukraine.
Models: Compass Atom 6HV - Rotortech - Compass 5026 - Markus 80HV - GIANT POWER 2600-50C - X-Cell Furion 6 - Rotortech - Scorpion 4035 - Markus 120HV - GIANT POWER 3300-50C

3rd place - Yaroslav Lubimov, St Pitersburg, Russia.
Models: Kasama Srimok 90E - Rotortech - Scorpion 4525 - Kontronnik Jive - GIANT POWER 5000-50C



Mr Eugeniy Gromov, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (Winner of World Cup 2003 class Eco-Standart, World Champion 2010 class FSR-E)

On the 17th June 2011 Mr Eugeniy Gromov took 1-st place in Euro Championship of RC-Boats (class Eco Expert) in Germany

Actually now he is World Champion, 3-time Euro Champion (1 time with Giant Power), Champion of CIS - 2011(with Giant Power), Holder of Cup of Spain - 2011 (with Giant Power)


Video of the final race of CIS-Championship 2011.
Champion, Mr Gromov using GiantPower battery 2S 2200 35C

Mr. FAFA took 2nd place for GAM Cup with our GIANT POWER held in He Nan Province on 5th June 2011

He has tested numerous LIPOs from different companies such as Thxxxxx Pxxxx, Hyxxxxxx, Pxxx Qxxxx, but GIANT POWER is the only one that satisfies him.

Here're the video links for our Li-Po 2500mAh 11.1V 35C's actual performance after 200 cycles conducted by FAFA!



These objective tests prove that Giant power have excellent quality, durability, low internal resistance and very high performance, most of all, you can't find other packs at a better price and quality than Giant Power, they are your best choice!

*For more information of Li-Po battery care please refer to:


USA Heli Master Henry Caldwell flying his Innova KDS550 with Giant Power

Nikolay Goncharov 3DX Russian champion flying his T-Rex 500 with Giant Power

Giant Power are producing massive consistent power with relatively little or no voltage drop

Mark Ferreira (USA) NAMBA Q-Offshore speed record of 102.041 mph 2-way average , power by Giant Power lipo batteries!

Giant Power are producing massive consistent power with relatively little or no voltage drop

Adam Delingos T-rex 700EFL and his New Dinogy 65C Batteries

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